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UPS Battery

The UPS battery is a kind of VRLA battery specially designed by MCA for uninterrupted power supplies. Since our valve regulated lead acid batteries feature small dimension, excellent sealing performance and extremely low maintenance, they are extensively used in all kinds of UPS systems. Our UPS battery, as a welcomed energy storage device, employs AGM technology.

This type of lead acid battery comes with much longer service life as compared with similar products, higher ambient temperature and higher safety. To be specific, the UPS battery we supply has a long design life up to 6-10 years, and the operating temperatures ranges from -15℃ to 50℃. It is suggested that 20℃ to 25℃ is the most suitable temperature range for achieving the longest service life.

In addition, our UPS battery is equipped with safety valve which can automatically open to exhaust excess gas when the internal air pressure rise to a certain level, and automatically close when the pressure reduce to the standard level. What’s more, this rechargeable battery is a maintenance free battery which requires no addition of water. Only what it needs is regular inspection whether the housing has cracks or not and whether the electrolyte leaks or not.

    1. General Purpose AGM Battery Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology ensures superior performance and maintenance free operation. Due to such unique design, the electrolyte volume of this lead acid battery will hardly reduce during use. And, watering is completely.
    1. General Purpose Gel Battery Sufficient electrolyte assures the general purpose gel battery large capacity, strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range.
      Fully manufactured from high purity raw materials, the power cell has extremely low self discharge.