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Telecom Battery

Today, internet and communications system is booming. To make sure that the system can exert excellent performance, high reliable and complete backup power supply is indispensable. MCA offers wide range sealed lead acid batteries such as front access battery and gel VRLA battery for backup power supplies used in telecommunication systems.

The telecom battery MCA manufactures by best-in-class technology can perfectly exert the remarkable properties of valve regulated lead acid batteries and can serve for 8 to 10 years when temperature is 25°C. In addition, we employ a unique structure design which can prevent housing expanding and rupture caused by positive plate extending, thus avoiding gas and electrolyte leakage. As a result, the service life of this storage battery can be further prolonged.

To improve use safety of MCA telecom battery, we adopt state-of-the-art grid alloy technology, thus achieving more reasonable formula and further enhancing mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of the grid. The use of built-in copper screw output terminal with ultra small resistance ensures obvious reduction of internal resistance and more outstanding conductivity. Additionally, the temperature rise of the terminal in high load discharging reduces, hence ensuring high discharge efficiency.

According to the special requirements of communications system for shock resistance and installation, we employ computer-aided design (CAD), ensuring strict computing methods and requirements for anti-seismic property, load bearing capacity, mechanical strength of our telecom batteries and anti-shock steel frame. We offer vertical, horizontal or cabinet type installation methods which can meet actual service conditions and help customers make full use of space.

    1. Front Access AGM Battery Radial grid design plus tight assembly technology assures this rechargeable battery prominent high rate discharge performance.
      Our front access AGM battery features unique design which makes it sure that the electrolyte volume can be hardly reduced during use and addition of water is not necessary in its service life.
    1. Front Access Gel BatteryThe FCTG type front terminal battery comes with long lasting design life and front access connections for fast, easy installation and maintenance, and is ideally suitable for telecom outdoor equipment, renewable energy systems and other severe environments.