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Solar Battery

MCA offers an excellent selection of deep cycle AGM battery and deep cycle gel battery for solar and wind energy systems. These deep cycle VRLA batteries are ideal electrical devices for renewable energy applications, storing electric energy generated by solar power or wind power generators. They feature overcharge protection by intelligent controller and can discharge the stored energy when needed.

Due to environmental requirements, the solar battery comes with outstanding deep cycle overcharge recovery performance. Proprietary battery plate technology can effectively improve low-temperature performance and charging capability of the energy storage device. Special design and gel electrolyte ensures that the deep cycle battery can have longer service life and accommodate to harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature, etc.

MCA sealed batteries for solar and wind power systems are suitable for a wide range of temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 55℃. The optimal temperature is around +25℃. They are perfect for solar energy system and wind energy system, and can handle undercharge and frequent discharge conditions.

    1. Deep Cycle AGM Battery Owing to unique grid alloy and special positive/negative lead paste formula, our deep cycle AGM battery boasts superior deep cycle performance and over discharge recovery capability.
      High purity raw materials ensure low self discharge.
    1. Deep Cycle Gel BatteryEmploying unique grid alloy, special gel formulation and distinct positive and negative lead paste ratio, the maintenance free battery boasts outstanding deep cycle service performance and over discharge recovery ability.