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Service and Support

For MCA, the mission is never been changed that having a comprehensive understanding of customer demands and then giving all-round services. We have been fully aware of that customers have a direct judgment about our VRLA batteries including AGM battery and gel battery and services which is measured by their demands and expectation. Therefore, the quality of our product and service must be fully recognized.

We have established a complete set of after-sales service system and a powerful service team to achieve our mission. According to your service conditions for all kinds of sealed lead acid batteries such as UPS battery, telecom battery, solar battery, long life battery, high rate battery, etc., we specially make following commitments.

1. MCA will enforce full service to our customers. From pre-sales stage, to in-sales stage through to after-sales stage, we will offer comprehensive services and supports including non-standard design, installation and trial run, technical consult and training, regular return visit and proper treatment of customer complaints, etc.

2. We have built a complete three-level service support system for offering customer powerful, timely, considerate and effective services. To be specific, the first level is technical department which is responsible for non-standard design. Then the customer engineers who are in charge of operator training and technical communication. The last level is our installation persons who are engaged in installation and trail run, operation and maintenance, route inspection and on-spot technical training, to name a few.

3. MCA owns strong service and technical equipment including battery charge-discharge machine, on-line internal resistance tester, etc. which can enhance our response speed and capability of handling problems. In addition, we have equipped technical equipment and maintenance free battery spare parts in our service center and overseas offices to solve quality complaints at the fastest speed.

4. MCA has also established a complete customer files management system which will record the details of every customer during using our sealed batteries and the details of our services and detections. The system will regularly classify its record and report necessary information to relevant departments so as to understand the use conditions of our VRLA batteries in customer’s worksites. Based on this, we will continually improve performance of energy storage devices and our service level.