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OEM Service

In recent years, MCA has developed into a major VRLA battery manufacturer and distributor in China. To better meet the requirements of our customers, we can offer OEM service. You can put forward your requirements for battery color, trademark and package according to OEM projects. If the OEM order is so big, we will not require extra charges.

In addition, MCA can offer you design patterns as per your requirements to achieve the effect that you are satisfied with. What’s more, before actual mass production, we will enforce systematic assessment to the OEM battery from operational feasibility to product test. Aside from this, you can carry out site visit to our factory, and implement product quality test on site.

For instance, we have completed an OEM project with one customer about sealed lead acid batteries. The customer required that the battery color should be yellow, brand would be their own and battery rack needed to be equipped. Apart from these requirements, MCA also offer OEM project partners following reference range. For the aspects that we don’t mention, you can talk with us

1. Customer Trademark
OEM customer can use their own brand. If so, the customer needs to offer the license of registered trademark. The trademark can be reflected on the battery in following ways.
a. Attaching printed color trademark label to the most striking position of the battery. This way can comprehensively demonstrate the exquisite design of customer trademark. However, it is costly and vulnerable.
b. Silk screen printing at designated spot. This is a highly popular method that is cost effective and rapid. The weakness is that it can only embody single one color.

2. Specifying Battery Colors
To match different styles, our OEM customer can select various colors. You should offer color number or color swatches so that it is convenient for us to proof colors. For the custom order that the battery color is specified, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) differs in different types of product, including AGM battery and gel battery.

3. Product Manual
MCA provides English manual for every type of sealed battery. If customer requires manual of other languages, it should translate by itself and deliver to us for printing.

4. Product Customization
MCA offers customized service. The customer can offer us relevant working conditions, product functions to be achieved, appearance requirements, etc. According to offered information, our R&D team will turn ideas into product structure and optimize it according to production convenience.

After the product structure is confirmed, we will estimate necessary cost for mould and product and offer the result to the customer. If the solution is confirmed after mutual agreement, we will complete mould manufacturing and trial production within 45 days, and deliver the first sample to customer for confirmation. After receiving sample confirmation, we will start mass production.