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High Rate Battery

MCA high rate battery is a specialized AGM lead acid battery with excellent heavy load discharge performance. It is specially designed for the customers who need this property during the use of battery. This high power battery features multiple plate structure. By increasing the number of plates and making them thinner, we enhance the use ratio of active materials. This increases the reaction area of plates, thus improving current density per unit area and thereby achieving heavy load discharge.

In addition, to improve safety of our high rate battery, we utilize thicker lead parts including pole, bus bar, terminal, etc. thus ensuring perfect current bearing capability in heavy current discharge. This valve regulated lead acid battery also employs the electrolyte with higher density for the purpose of increasing electric potential and enhancing voltage.

Our high rate battery including AGM lead acid battery and gel sealed lead acid battery has ideally served as motive power battery or power tool battery. It is the best choice for space limited applications requiring large discharge current, such as starters, electric tools, etc.

    1. High Rate AGM Battery Telecommunication systems including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;
      Suitable power battery for electric tool, toy, portable dust collector and unmanned handling robot
    1. High Rate Gel BatteryUsing special design, the high power battery embodies excellent high rate discharge performance and high energy density. Its high energy output is over 20% higher than that of ordinary batteries.