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Product Applications
  • UPS Battery

  • The UPS battery is a kind of VRLA battery specially designed by MCA for uninterrupted power supplies. Since our valve regulated lead acid batteries feature small dimension, excellent sealing performance and extremely low maintenance, they are extensively used in all kinds of UPS systems. Our UPS battery, as a welcomed energy storage device, employs AGM technology.

    This type of lead acid battery comes with much longer service life as compared with similar products, higher ambient temperature and higher safety. To be specific, the UPS battery we supply has a long design life up to 6-10 years, and the operating temperatures ranges from -15℃ to 50℃. It is suggested that 20℃ to 25℃ is the most suitable temperature range for achieving the longest service life.

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  • Solar Battery

  • MCA offers an excellent selection of deep cycle AGM battery and deep cycle gel battery for solar and wind energy systems. These deep cycle VRLA batteries are ideal electrical devices for renewable energy applications, storing electric energy generated by solar power or wind power generators. They feature overcharge protection by intelligent controller and can discharge the stored energy when needed.

    Due to environmental requirements, the solar battery comes with outstanding deep cycle overcharge recovery performance. Proprietary battery plate technology can effectively improve low-temperature performance and charging capability of the energy storage device. Special design and gel electrolyte ensures that the deep cycle battery can have longer service life and accommodate to harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature, etc.

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  • Telecom Battery

  • Today, internet and communications system is booming. To make sure that the system can exert excellent performance, high reliable and complete backup power supply is indispensable. MCA offers wide range sealed lead acid batteries such as front access battery and gel VRLA battery for backup power supplies used in telecommunication systems.

    The telecom battery MCA manufactures by best-in-class technology can perfectly exert the remarkable properties of valve regulated lead acid batteries and can serve for 8 to 10 years when temperature is 25°C. In addition, we employ a unique structure design which can prevent housing expanding and rupture caused by positive plate extending, thus avoiding gas and electrolyte leakage. As a result, the service life of this storage battery can be further prolonged.

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  • Long Life Battery

  • MCA offers customers a kind of 2V long life battery specially designed for energy storage. In virtue of improvement of internal grid and assembly structure, the cycle life of the storage battery is considerably extended. Thereby, this sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, as a major energy storage device, features long service life, high reliability, excellent discharge performance, great charge acceptance, etc.

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  • High Rate Battery

  • MCA high rate battery is a specialized AGM lead acid battery with excellent heavy load discharge performance. It is specially designed for the customers who need this property during the use of battery. This high power battery features multiple plate structure. By increasing the number of plates and making them thinner, we enhance the use ratio of active materials. This increases the reaction area of plates, thus improving current density per unit area and thereby achieving heavy load discharge.

    In addition, to improve safety of our high rate battery, we utilize thicker lead parts including pole, bus bar, terminal, etc. thus ensuring perfect current bearing capability in heavy current discharge. This valve regulated lead acid battery also employs the electrolyte with higher density for the purpose of increasing electric potential and enhancing voltage.

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