Industrial Battery (VRLA Battery, Gel Sealed Lead Acid Battery)

    1. Industrial Battery (Long Life Gel Sealed Lead Acid Battery)The sealed battery features remarkable high rate discharge performance due to radial grid design and compact construction.
      Unique self reduction capability relying on extending battery plate can effectively prolong service life of the long life gel battery.

MCA, a China-based professional VRLA battery manufacturer, offers customers an excellent selection of AGM batteries and gel batteries. Our gel battery, known as gel electrode battery is a frequently used valve regulated lead acid battery manufactured by adding gelatinizing agent to sulfuric acid, then turning the electrolyte to gel state.

The gel sealed lead acid battery features easy heat dissipation, resistance to heat up and very small probability of thermal runaway while providing original properties of lead-acid battery. In addition, our gel battery, serving as an outstanding power supply device comes with super long service life and excellent deep cycle performance, and can be used for multiple environments, thus considerably enlarging application range and working efficiency.