Industrial Battery (VRLA Battery, Lead Acid Battery with Absorbed Glass Mat)

    1. Industrial Battery (Long Life AGM VRLA Battery, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery)The valve regulated lead acid battery comes with special design that allows almost no reduction of electrolyte volume in use and no addition of water in service life.
      Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy plus special lead paste formula enables our long life AGM battery to boast outstanding recovery capability when over discharging as well longer float charge service life.
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The lead acid battery with absorbed glass mat supplied by MCA employs premium alloy grid and unique electrolyte solution. Exquisite and complete processing and manufacturing technology makes this rechargeable battery feature large capacity, small self-discharging rate and long service life.

In addition, the popular energy storage device comes with safely seal structure. That means, our VRLA battery is maintenance free without having to add acid and water, and does not leak, discharge acid mist and generate no pollution to the environment.

MCA is a specialist industrial battery manufacturer and supplier in China, the lead acid battery we offer customers is AGM battery, including sealed lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, front access battery, long life AGM VRLA battery and AGM lead acid battery. They are widely used for UPS, solar energy system, power system, wind energy system, operating system, telecom system, etc.