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Welcome to the most trusted VRLA, AGM, and gel battery manufacturer in China. MCA provides the highest quality VRLA battery solutions for standby, deep-cycle, long life and high rate applications. All rechargeable batteries we supply including lead acid battery and gel battery are highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free, certified by CE, UL, IEC, ISO, etc. With MCA sealed battery and maintenance free battery, you can have confidence in using energy storage devices with proven performance, supported by a technically competent and customer focused China battery producer and exporter. So far, MCA batteries have served as ideal power supply equipment for a wide range of applications such as EPS and UPS system, telecom system, solar and wind power system, electric power tools, signal and emergency lighting systems, etc. In addition, we offer OEM services. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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  • For MCA, the mission is never been changed that having a comprehensive understanding of customer demands and then giving all-round services. We have been fully aware of that customers have a direct judgment about our VRLA batteries including AGM battery and gel battery and services which is measured by their demands and expectation. >> More
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